We are transforming the way you experience healthcare

Membership-based primary care service with a personalized, accessible, and convenient healthcare model.

Modern, Upscale Mobile Clinics delivering medical care to all of Southern California

Cure Medical is rethought Medical Care putting members at the center and in control.

Modern, Upscale Mobile Clinics add unprecedented convenience to delivering medical care at the door wherever members may be. We use a combination of Mobile Clinics and Virtual Care to provide ideal balance in developing Provider-User relationships and convenience to users.

Expect a new paradigm of care in medical services.

Fixing the fragmented healthcare system

The complexity and hassle of healthcare prevents people from getting adequate care. We are changing that by providing a seamless integrated and customer-first approach to healthcare.

We aim to minimize hassle. So you can maximize your time and health.

We will collect your lab samples. We will make your appointment within the day or the next, rather than weeks later; and your physician will focus solely on you during your appointment.

You no longer have to feel anxious for weeks, not knowing the state of your health.

Want to know more?

Reach out to us for any questions or concerns. If you need a sample computation of rates for corporations, feel free to send us a message.